21st-century footprint

I will always love the feel of paper between my fingers: newsprint’s smudgy softness, books’ crisp corners, magazines’ glossy coolness. I’m a firm 21st-century hybrid. I read books and magazines — and my Kindle. I own an iPhone, but I refuse to get sucked into the iPad revolution. I still take notes in a notebook, with a red pen.

I’m an Internet junkie of the first degree, but I’ve long resisted establishing an online outpost for my work.

Maybe it’s because I have an innate sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing a pile of newspapers and photocopies gathering dust on a bookcase, or haphazardly shoved in an old Corn Flakes box and stashed in a closet. “I did that,” I think. “I made something.”

Or maybe it’s because editing, which makes up the bulk of my work over the past 13 years, is harder to pin down than reporting and writing. Edited copy with tracked changes, in Word or any other format, is ugly. You can’t see the artful speed, intelligence and wit that go into decisions large and small. And newspapers ferret out the 98-pound weaklings with rigorous tests, anyway.

Michelle 2.0 (2008-present) is no longer strictly a newspaper copy editor. I’m an editor, writer, Web content strategist, branding expert and repository of mostly useless information. So it naturally follows that I should shed my troglodyte ways and start a Site of My Own.

Consider this site a strip of fly tape for my interests. I’ll talk reading, writing and editing, with occasional forays into movies and other media.

Scroll down to see samples of my work in the left rail. I’ll post updates and links to industry discussions as time permits.

Questions? You can find me at copyed@gmail.com.


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