When laymen take notice of what drives us crazy


Image from theoatmeal.com

This infographic has made the rounds on Pinterest, and I’m glad. None of this is anything new, of course, but if we can find interesting and fun ways to help nonwriters master some of the finer points of the language, I’m all for it.
A few other observations:
* The headline is a classic marketing/SEO headline. The “10 Things” hook is proven to drive up conversion rates on sites that actually sell stuff. Kudos to the creator who values both good usage and good metrics. They don’t often intersect.

*As a lapsed academic, I often think of the context in which “affect” can occur as a noun. I’d love to be able to effectively share this distinction with young writers, but I fear it would heighten confusion. So I keep my lips zipped. Sometimes the finer points slip through the cracks by necessity.


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