Alt weeklies, rated PG


The current logo of The Village Voice

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A change in ownership of the Village Voice and its affiliated weeklies leads to the end of its sex-industry classifieds. I don’t know when the outcry over this source of revenue began, but it was alive and well even in the relatively relaxed 1990s.

I read Minneapolis’ City Pages voraciously as a hungry journalism student. A former editor, Monika Bauerlein, co-taught my magazine editing and production class, and gave me lots of valuable advice as I tried to find my footing at the end of my junior year. As a result, I always had great admiration for a reasonably well-done alternative rag. City Pages is one. The Independent Weekly is another.

Some argue that the quality of alternative newspapers has declined along with the industry as a whole. I don’t disagree. However, the beauty of being “alternative” is that these publications don’t necessarily fit in a pretty box of mainstream acceptability, anyways. Why not accept that they will pursue survival creatively?


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