Monday love: Wired for tablets

Wired magazine for Kindle, iPad and Nook. Images from

I read a lot. I read off a glowing screen all day as part of my job, but I go home and pick up a book every night. I’m not technology-averse; I own a Kindle, and my habits mirror those of Joyce Carol Oates. I only read magazines in waiting rooms nowadays, or when I’m getting a (guilty-pleasure) pedicure.

Last night, however, I caught a glimpse of Wired magazine’s iPad edition and kind of fell in love. So beautiful! So dynamic! So quirky! And I don’t even read Wired magazine, at least not beyond the occasional article or two my husband points out as particularly interesting for a non-techie like me.

That may change. If publications for tablet rise in popularity, it would probably be beneficial for me to work on my skills in that arena. (Incidentally, I’ve got a small side project under way that involves dynamic content designed for the iPad. It’s interesting but slow going, and I’m not the tech brain behind it.)


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