Why people would rather read Web content than print content

The moral of the story: Headline writers are salespeople, too. We’re selling a story. Even if the story’s crap, we’ve succeeded if we get people to read it. Image from http://engage.tmgcustommedia.com.

This article’s an oldie — in Internet terms — but a goodie.

Why Gawker Is Writing Better Headlines Than the Rest of the Web

Andrew Hanelly offers some valuable advice on headline-writing that shakes up what many traditional print journalists have believed and practiced for decades. Long-winded? Why not. Risque? That’s the ticket. Informal? Always.

Not all old-school media adhere to all things safe and stodgy. The New York Post, for example. Some of the better alt weeklies, too.

In general, however, websites like Gawker, BuzzFeed and yes, even the Huffington Post win top honors for eye-catching headlines that make me want to read more. Even if the actual story is drivel, I have only respect for the headline writer who’s able to make me believe it’s worth reading.


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