Figuring out where I fit in (again)

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As I reinvent myself once again, I find myself brainstorming ways to learn more about how my skills as a writer and editor will best work in my new setting. At first, that usually means assimilating the vocabulary. On a deeper level, it means cultivating skills that are vital to this new environment that are related but not identical to what’s already in my toolbox (and the toolbox is already pretty heavy, folks).

So what does this mean? Professional development! In each job I have held, I’ve looked for ways to learn more about the intersection of creative and noncreative disciplines. I wrote recently about my interest in pursuing yet another degree; however, conferences like this one are probably a bit more practical — less time, less money, and more rapid gratification for someone as impatient goal-oriented as I am.

What I like most about this Ragan conference is how it ties journalism and storytelling to corporate communications, demonstrating that a company’s messaging doesn’t have to be technical, boring and lifeless. With adequate resources and appropriate access to key players, any corporate story can become relatable, vibrant and even quirky.


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