A fresh clip

Here’s a link to my most recent book review for The News & Observer. Pay no attention to the pitiful headline: They don’t have copy editors anymore. I really enjoyed this book, which doesn’t happen every time I read one for review.

Next up is Jill McCorkle’s new book. My book-reviewing process is pretty simple: I read like mad for about a week (more if the book is particularly dense or more than 300 pages). I’ll jot some notes and/or shamelessly dog-ear significant pages. Then I slam out a 750-word draft and let it sit for a day or two. I revisit it for both minor and major self-editing, then send it on to my editor for her eye. Nothing too fancy. And I don’t think I’m particularly talented at it, but it demands a different kind of effort than my everyday work. Also, I love to read (if you hadn’t figure that out yet).


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