Memoir of an ex-journalist

A few days ago, I was prepared to wax philosophical after reading this ex-journalist’s rant. Upon further reflection, her blog entry is a little too egocentric for my taste (fairly typical of news reporters, really — and bloggers). All I can say is:

1. It’s not all about you. Few people get exactly the career they want, particularly if they over-idealize their goal.

2. Old-timers in journalism have had plenty to rant about over the years, including the young punks who invade newsrooms thinking they know everything. Though the industry is in decline, insider griping is nothing new.

Moving along!

Speaking of journalism apocalypse, I was disappointed to find this week that the Charlotte Observer has implemented a paywall. So that’s off my daily reading list. Yes, I should probably make more of an effort to support my former brothers- and sisters-in-arms, but I can’t bring myself to support organizations with such bad business judgment that they couldn’t innovate their way out of digital disaster.

Philosophical question of the day: How does an editor handle version control when the server isn’t available to everyone and documents are typically exchanged by email? I have yet to work for a non-newspaper business that has nondigital content management completely under control.



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