She works hard for the money

Maybe if I perfect my Donna Summer pout I can demand a Donna Summer salary. Photo from

If I perfect my Donna Summer pout, maybe I can demand a Donna Summer salary. Photo from

The to-do list this week was long, folks. This editor’s queue was filled with:

  • For two clients, short prose vignettes that make up what we call a story palette, a collection of stories that usually provides the meat’n’potatoes for a heritage website or interactive PDF
  • A script for a California company’s lobby exhibit
  • A creative brief and story treatments for a new contract
  • Oral history transcripts for a wholesale supplier based in southern Virginia

In addition to editing, I started drafting a proposal for what’s being called a real-time history program, which casts what we do in interesting blitzkrieg-esque terms. The prospect is a company we’ve worked with before with offices overseas. Adventure!

In addition to these projects, the book is still under way (my blog, so “under way” is still two words). The client has the last two full chapters for review, and we’re talking about paper orders, front and back matter, and completing the cover with updated high-res images and our four proposed titles.

Also, I’m writing a review of a N.C. author’s new short-story collection.

I love my work. But I’m still years and miles away from editing that fabulous celebrity tell-all that’s going to make me a millionaire.



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