Reflections on a year of blogging

Gotta love Peggy's take-charge attitude in the later seasons of "Mad Men." However, I'm not sure I want to emulate her hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn attitude. Also, sleeping with the boss is just a bad idea. Photo from

Gotta love Peggy’s take-charge attitude in “Mad Men.” However, I’m not sure I want to emulate the hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn attitude that emerges in later seasons. Also, sleeping with the boss is just a bad idea. Photo from

A year ago, I started this blog. Seventy-five posts later, I’m still blogging, though less regularly and less cohesively. I started out with the intention of speaking about “industry trends” and “best practices” — businessy buzzwords that I have avoided in past lives. Editing in a corporate environment, however, has encouraged me to adopt a new vocabulary for what I do. It hasn’t changed what I do, only how I talk about it.

A lot has changed in the past year. I think less about SEO and content marketing and more about editorial processes and client expectations for projects that span months and sometimes years. I’ve changed jobs, moved to a different state, set new short-term goals and even changed my mind about where I want to be in five, 10 and 20 years. I’ve edited one book and am in the process of editing two more. I’m humbled every day by the talent and determination of my colleagues.

To badly paraphrase one of my favorite movies, no other period in my life has made me feel “more sure, more insecure, more important and less significant.”

Even with the change in focus, I had only modest goals for the blog. I didn’t craft a holistic marketing campaign for it. I didn’t link it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I haven’t pursued guest bloggers and sponsors. These were all deliberate choices, because as much as I admire bloggers who successfully build mini-empires, this spot is more of a forum for random brainstorming. Even after nearly 15 years of editing, writing and related work, I still have a lot to learn.

A few random facts about this blog:

  • My most popular entry was one I wrote about why I choose not to freelance full-time. I may still change my mind about this someday.
  • The most amusing search terms that brought people to my blog were “monica lewinsky cigare” and “guilty pleasure reading playboy.”
  • My favorite entry got a link from a friend on Facebook, but because he posted the link in the middle of the night, it yielded zero hits.

Goals for year two? I think I’ll aim to get a few more readers, post more meaningful and less repetitive content, and talk more (and more specifically) about the opportunities for cross-pollination with the editor’s skill set. I also want to mature in my current position, cultivate a richer understanding of the intersection of editing and customer service, and use the blog to reflect this evolution.

Thanks to the dozens of people who randomly came here, and the (maybe five) people who have visited more than once.




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