7 ways my life changed in 2014

Now that we’re well into my least favorite month of the year, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on how 2014 kicked my butt kicked butt. Ten years ago, this list probably would have made reference to more news and pop culture events; if you’re looking for that kind of list, I recommend this one, or perhaps this one. So, without further ado:

7. I became more patient. None of my book projects at work hit the presses in 2014, despite a lot of effort. Because the content I edit is almost always for big and long-term projects, I have to celebrate the mini-milestones: interim deadlines, constructive client feedback, clean layouts.

6. I became a pickier eater. Two words: food poisoning.

5. I became a better editor. In 2014, I edited the work of a growing number of talented writers and made a distinct effort to review all writing through the lens of my company mentor, who has worked with corporate clients for more than 35 years and has incredibly sharp instincts. Like most stereotypical editors, I still feel I’ve got a long way to go. My job keeps me humble and forever on my toes.

4. Arlington started to feel like home. During my first two years in the D.C. area, I willfully avoided anything that resembled nesting. A tiny apartment on the Orange Line didn’t exactly spark inspiration. Come November, we said goodbye to the Orange Line and hello to a lot more square footage. It’s worth every extra minute of the commute.

3. I stopped hearing the music. I rarely drive anywhere and never got into the habit of schlepping earbuds on the train or bus. At my desk? Forget about it — I’d miss all the juicy office intel. Life without a soundtrack is awfully lackluster. I need to work on this one.

2. I set a professional goal that I failed to achieve. I made plans to build a broader freelance portfolio and then neglected to follow through. Not my finest moment.

1. I never stopped moving. Maybe I spent 9-10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, but that time was offset by more travel than in any other year of my life: three visits to NY; three to Boston; road trips to Ohio, Minnesota and Florida; a blissful week in Cancun; two frosty days in Cleveland; weekends in Baltimore and Cincinnati; and probably a few other trips I’ve already forgotten about. Some work, some play. Was it fun? Not all of it. Would I do it again? Probably.

I have high hopes for a 2015 filled with completed projects, happy colleagues, good health, adventure and success.


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