Nonwriter’s block

I love it when marketing gurus think they’re the first to discover the secrets to good writing.

OK, I’m lying. I don’t.

This article is clearly directed toward nonwriters who wish to produce high-quality content for their business websites.

It’s a good start, but it misses the point. If you want good content,* hire a good writer.**

Sure, the Internet has turned everyone into an entrepreneur. But you need to know what your strengths are. If writing isn’t one of them, one page of writing advice isn’t going to change that.

I’ve met plenty of perfectly lovely, intelligent, accomplished people who just can’t write. Lack of writing skill isn’t a character flaw. But it will make a difference regarding the image you put forth. Don’t let hubris drive you to publish a small-business website littered with poor writing. Let a good writer help you look good. It’s what we do best.

* Future topic: What is good content?

** Another future topic: How do you hire a good writer?


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